Throw Away the Selfie Stick, Let’s Go Pro!

I’m a photographer and I loathe having my photo taken!

Needless to say I don’t own a selfie stick, though I have made myself take ‘selfies’ over the years because I can’t ask my clients to ‘perform’ for the camera if I am not prepared to do it myself.

In my time as a photographer I have discovered a few things – the first is that very few people are comfortable in a studio environment and that the photographer has to work quite hard to get a natural photo. The second is that people are more relaxed in their own environment, their comfort zone. The final one is that the advent of social media and phones with built in cameras has probably made this the most photographed generation ever. Yet still I could get rich from a payment for every person who tells me they hate having photos done.

So over several years I have developed a preference for advising people of two things – to forget selfies when it comes to your business profile, few of us get them right. Secondly, go pro and go natural – in other words, your clients want to see the real you, so make the photos great but ‘approachable’.

I have pulled together some photos I have done over the years, all for clients, to show you what I mean. Having regular studio style photos is great when you need a set of pictures for a staff board but when you are a small business, probably working hard to sell ‘you’ as much as the service you offer, be comfortable, be natural, be positive – and go pro!