Prooduct Photography Update

The old adage that a ‘picture tells a thousand words‘ applies as much to the images that sell your products as they do to a wedding story or childhood adventures. The internet is very much a double edged sword in this respect. On the one hand it has made promoting and selling goods to a wider audience both easier and cheaper – whilst it has increased the number of similar vendors you are competing against dramatically.

If you are heading along the road of having your own business, selling your products or service via a website, social networking sites such as Facebook, or an online shop such as Amazon or Ebay, then it is important to ensure the pictures you use give your products a boost do exactly that. Clear pictures with accurate colour representation and clarity can ensure your customers can be sure of what they will receive when they purchase from you.

Pink Tea Cup & Saucer

Using a professional photographer for product photography is something many businesses, both new and established, feel they cannot afford but it is an expense that can quickly yield returns and add that final professional touch to your online shop that can make you stand out from your competitors.


Bespoke Greeting Cards by MakemyDay


Bag Holder in Onyx from My Bag Holder

Get in touch for more information and costs and to see many more examples of product images, there is a gallery HERE

neckalce tiny-gems

Tiny-Gems necklace on Black