Mixing Business and Pleasure – Cricket Writer Portraits

I spent several days over the weekend relaxing and enjoying some time watching Middlesex CCC play Surrey CCC in the LV championship at Lords. My love of cricket has brought me into contact with several journalists and commentators on the sport and one of them is Lizzy Ammon. A writer and blogger with Spin Cricket, Mirror Sport, MSN Sport and sometimes commentator on Test Match Sofa, Lizzy’s life long love of cricket is well known amongst the cricket crowd. She had wanted some new photos for a while, we have probably discussed it on and off for a year or so, but never managed to get our diaries synchronised until this weekend. Lords is of course an amazing and historical ground, though by its very nature, has to be hugely functional as well, but there are still lots of opportunities for some great portrait pictures. Here are just a few of them.





To read Lizzy’s blog or contact her regarding her cricket and writing – http://www.legsidelizzy.com/

Twitter – @legsidelizzy