Interior Design Photography

I have been lucky enough to work with several interior designers over the years and all have been great clients with very different photography briefs. They always know how they want their work represented, even if actually achieving that requires the technical knowledge of the photographer. Designers are almost always the clients you end up working most closely with the end product will have been the result of many hours work and discussion together.

Working with Joanna from Sabella was no different, she had very clear ideas about which part of her work she wanted to concentrate on. Joanna works closely with her clients to ensure that not just an overall ‘look’ in a room is achieved, but also that the fine details are just so. You might think, when looking at an entire room, that such tiny details as the weave of the fabric or the texture of the curtain pole is unimportant. It may seem overkill to spend days and weeks tracking down exactly the right light fitting, or the exact colour of material for those blinds. It isn’t, such attention to detail really does make a difference and this is what Joanna is so passionate about, combining just the right colours and textures.

So the photography brief was not just for overall room photos, as great as those are, but also to pick out the details, show those finer points you might otherwise miss when flicking through photos on a website.

These are just a few examples of the sort of photos we created together. You can see and read more about Sabella on the website: