Food Photography – 1001 Delights Cookery

This is all a bit messy, my keyboard has been drooled upon and my tummy is rumbling like the 7.30 from St Pancras. However, these are issues I am prepared to live with when the things I am pointing my camera at look this good and taste even better – yes, I was allowed to eat too!

I was recently asked to photograph this delicious Turkish and Mediterranean food for 1001 Delights, a new company here in North London offering home made cookery for parties, dinners and events. Not being one to turn down anything where the words ‘food’ and ‘Turkish’ appear, and certainly not when they are in the same request, I was most happy to oblige.

Everything is made from scratch, from the freshest ingredients and is a combination of traditional Turkish cuisine, using recipes handed down through the family, together with modern twists and additions unique to 1001 Delights. The brief was to show a range of dishes which could be used in the marketing of the business and on the website which will be coming soon. So warn your taste buds, lick your lips, and feast your eyes on this array of yummy food… and before your keyboard gets too soggy, do have a look at and a like of the Facebook Page too!