Craig Rowe & Joy Salem portrait

Last week I popped over to see my friend Joy of the The Joy Salem Touch – Joy is the driving force behind company offering none-surgical facelifts, not like any other facial treatment. It not only treats the face, but also the person BEHIND the face and all that has created the face you present to the world today. I have had the pleasure of Joy’s treatments and they are just amazing, you feel so good afterwards and look years younger!

The reason for my visit was to do a mini portrait shoot of one of her clients, the very lovely Craig Rowe, a TV Presenter currently working for QVC and a genuine fun guy. The snow was still on the ground but despite the chill we had plenty of laughs. Trying to get these two to do ‘serious’ was a total non-starter. Am I complaining? Not at all, smiles all round are rarely a bad thing when my camera is action.

craig rowe, joy salem, QVC