Business Photography – Every Day is Different

A question I am often asked is “What is business photography, what do you actually photograph?” If I need a quick answer then my stock response is ‘People, Property & Products’, but of course that really does bring it back down to absolute basics. There is so much more to it, those three areas cover a whole range of commissions and ideas my clients have required in recent times. With the explosion of social media as a way to promote a business, visual impact has become significantly more important.

Some clients have a very clear idea of what they want and need, others need much more creative input from me and even a few pointers on what is and isn’t possible – the internet and the legend of ‘Photoshop’ has a LOT to answer for! I firmly believe that one size does not fit all and every business is different, so each is approached that way – as a new challenge and a fresh eye required.

Probably the easiest way to demonstrate the breadth of photography work I have been involved in is to share some photos in a single gallery.

I am always happy to talk to anyone who is thinking about some fresh new photography for their business, discuss ideas and and inspiration over coffee [and cake if you like!] so do get in touch.